Friday, February 3, 2012

Meet My Roommates!

I've got to be in the running for an award or something-- six different roommates in one school year. Luckily they've all been wonderful people, so it's been an awesome experience. If not crazy.

For the next twelve weeks, I'm living with these three lovely ladies. Claire and Amanda are both from Bowling Green and Brittany is from Ashland. Since they're in all my stories and pictures, I figured that I'd at least (officially) point them out so everyone can put a face with a name.

L to R: Amanda, Claire, Brittany, and myself

Amanda and Claire are both studying Middle Grades Education. Amanda is in fourth grade with Mr. Freire, so she's considered to be an elementary teacher. Claire is working with 7, 8, or 9th graders in Math and English. Brittany is also getting her degree in Early Childhood, so she's teaching third grade in the classroom right next to me.

L to R: Me, Brittany, Amanda, and Claire

 So, logistically, that's who we are. In real life, we're a lot more fun than our stats make us seem.

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