Sunday, February 26, 2012

"...and Carnaval Is Their Party."

"The beach is their playground, samba is their music, and Carnaval is their party."

Wow, oh wow. Saturday night Mónica and Katja picked us up around 6:30pm and took us downtown to watch the samba parade. It was like nothing I had ever experienced. Ever. There were six samba schools that performed, beginning with the school that finished in sixth place and ending with the champions. Each school performed for about an hour or so and just samba-ed down the street. The floats were huge, the costumes were intricate, and the dances were intense. The words I'm trying to find to describe the parade don't do the night justice, and neither do the pictures that we all took. But here's a glimpse of the once in a lifetime night we all had.

Claire, the make-up artist, made us look dashing for the night ahead.

Panoramic view from our seats.

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