Monday, February 20, 2012

"Every Day With You Is My Favorite Day."

Yesterday morning the Scavarda family picked us up promptly at 9am and took us to downtown Rio to the Banco do Brasil to see an art exhibition of Tarsila do Amaral, a very famous Brazilian artist. I squished into the backseat of their car with Kadu and Juju and, let me tell you, it was quite an adventure. Kadu chattered on and on the entire way there. At one point he scrunched up his nose and crossed his fingers and goes "When I knew that you were all coming I went like this because I wanted you to sit in the back with us and I was happy because you did. Because every day with you is a happy day." Cue melting heart.

Kadu and I.
I snapped a couple of pictures at the museum, but the fact that we weren't allowed to take pictures in many exhibit coupled with a first grader who was pulling me around everywhere, I didn't get to document much. The art was interesting, but the best part was the collections of money from around the world. It was amazing to see the differences in each country's currency! And then to see how boring our money is compared to all the other countries, let's step it up USA.

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