Monday, February 6, 2012

"Have You Met Beyonce? What About Katy Perry?"

I cannot believe that a week ago today we were just heading to Detroit to embark on this adventure. Here I am seven days later, living and teaching in a country over 5000 miles away. It seems like so long ago, but at the same time, it feels just like yesterday.

I can already feel myself integrating into this classroom and school. The students and faculty are all SO friendly! I've been introduced to every single staff member, either by Ms. Souza or because the staff member has come up and introduced themselves to me. That's something that doesn't seem to happen in the States, and frankly, it's something that I could get used to.

I did a read-aloud today with the book Sam's Snowy Day which is about a dog and his adventures in the snow. The students were incredibly well-behaved. I was shocked because they always seem to be talking and moving around here. But I had 19 little bodies sitting there staring at me for the entirety of the book-- it was awesome!

After reading the story, the students started coming up to me more and asking me to answer more of their questions. I think they are finally starting to see me as another teacher in their classroom and not just an observer who sits in the back of the room.

I was able to see the students at Religion class today before going over to plan lessons with my mentor teacher, Ms. Souza, and the other first grade teacher, Ms. Weber. I don't know what the Religion teacher does to the students, but they are SO well-behaved for her. She speaks quietly and the students are quiet and calm. I´m going to have to take a few pointers from her before beginning my teaching.

Some of the things that my students say are just hilarious! A lot of them ask me if I've met Barack Obama or if I know Beyonce. They were quite impressed when I said that I've seen Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers. I´m not sure what that says about me, but it scores big points with them.

I know that this week was a short week as we only had three days of school, but I cannot believe that it is already over!

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