Friday, February 17, 2012

Clip Up Or Down? YOU Choose!

I am getting so much more comfortable in my classroom, and in Brazil, every day! Time is FLYING by-- I cannot believe that it's been three weeks already! THREE!

This week I started taking over a little bit more in my classroom. I lead homeroom every morning as well as administering the dictation (which is their spelling test). We celebrated the 100th day of school on Tuesday, so they had a 100 day math packet to complete which included 100 spelling words. The students have completed between 10 and 20 words a day and have done fantastic with it. I am so impressed!!

Not only have I began teaching and working a little bit more in the classroom, but I also introduced a clip chart for behavior. I loved the color wheel at Crestview Elementary, but kind of wanted to be able to recognize the students who were going above and beyond my expectations. I saw the following clip chart on Pinterest and re-created it for my student teaching experience.

Each day the students start out on green (Ready to Learn). Throughout the day, based on their behavior, their clip can be moved up or down. The students all try SO hard to get their clip moved up and do NOT like it when they get their clip moved down. If Ms. Souza wasn't in the room or wasn't looking when I moved their clip, the students make sure to tell her right away. It's pretty adorable.

I explained to the students that they have all day to move their clip around. So if they get their clip moved down to "Consequences" or "Parent Contact" during homeroom, they should work harder throughout the day to get their clip up higher. The students here HATE getting notes written home to their parents, so I did not want them to freak out if they got on red. As a class, we decided that you would get an actual reward or punishment based on where your clip is when the agendas are placed on the floor at the end of the day.

I am so thankful that the students are responding so well to this behavior clip chart! They are so excited about it and it makes me excited about it as well!

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