Thursday, August 11, 2016

Stitch Fix #6: The One Where My Stylist Left Me

After my six month break from Stitch Fix, I returned to find that my original stylist, whom I adored, is no longer working there. I can only assume that she was heart-broken after not having styled me for so many months, that she could no longer continue working without me.  My new stylist, Christine, stepped in to fill the very large shoes that my last stylist left behind and she did a pretty great job.

This time around I didn't really have any specific requests, just the usual patterned clothes and items that could be worn in either Brazil, Ohio, or both. I didn't really have anything that I was looking for, I just really love getting fixes.

Loveappella Bradli Lace Detail Knit Top 
The Decision: Returned

When I peeked at my fix, this shirt piqued my interest because the colors around the collar looked really feminine and girly. When the shirt arrived, the colors at the top were a lot more intense than I had pictured. A lot more primary color-y and a lot less pastel floral-y than I was hoping. I also don't love the little notch at the neckline, for whatever reason. I definitely would have kept this shirt, had it been the fifth item that I needed to get the 5/5 discount, and I probably would have worn it, but I'm really trying to only keep items that I LOVE, so this shirt was sent back.

Loveappella Deanne Printed Maxi Skirt ($58)
The Decision: Returned

My stylist suggested pairing this skirt with the Loveappella shirt, but I didn't really feel like they matched. Definitely not enough for my tastes, anyways. This skirt was so soft. Like, kind of wanted to use it as a pillowcase soft. And it really was a perfect length. But I couldn't get over the print, it really made me feel like I was in an episode of That 70's Show. I just couldn't do it, so the skirt went back, too.

Pixley Jeisa Strappy Back Top ($48)
The Decision: Returned

I wanted to love this shirt, I really did. But maybe it's because my closet is FULL of tank tops and since it's chilly in Rio de Janeiro right now, I've been cold for the past few weeks, but I wasn't really feeling another tank top. I was also worried about the neckline being a little loose and my bra showing all of the time. Nobody has time for that.

Diba Jessica Snakeskin Wedges ($45)
The Decision: Returned

Little bit fancy, little bit wild. Little bit too big and right back in the bag they went.

Renee C Reyna Knit Maxi Dress ($78)
The Decision: Kept

Short of an absolutely horrid fit, I knew that this dress would be finding a home in my closet from the moment that I peaked at my upcoming fix. I don't usually love clothing that has a pre-determined waistline because those are almost never at my waistline, but this actually worked out. And guess what? It did find a new home in my closet.

So I just kept one thing. But it's okay. Because I actually have a ton of clothes in my closet that I don't wear, plus I really LOVE this dress so I'm incredibly happy to have it. As the old saying goes, quality of quantity.

I've already scheduled my next fix (#judgementfreezone), and my goal for that fix is to actually try my hand at styling my outfits. It's a bit tricky since more than half of my wardrobe and accessories are in Rio and I'm obviously here in Ohio, but I'm aiming to give it my best shot.

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