Friday, July 10, 2015

Stitch Fix #1: The One Where I Understood the Obsession

Have you heard? Have you heard about the goodness that is Stitch Fix?

If you haven't, let me summarize it for you.

Stitch Fix is a monthly subscription box which sends hand-picked clothing right to your door. No awkward wandering around a store looking for someone to open the dressing room. No passing up items that you think you'll hate, but end up loving once you try it on. (You know it happens). The clothes come right to your door.

Intrigued? You should be. You go to the Stitch Fix website and create a profile. Answer some basic questions about what types of clothes you are looking for, what you feel most comfortable in, what you are trying to avoid, your price points, etc. Basically questions to get to know you and your style. Which is great, especially for someone like me, who has no sense of what their style is. I kind of like to rock the pencil skirt, but I'm BFFs with my yoga pants. Never fear. Based on your style profile, Stitch Fix assigns you a personal stylist who checks out your style and chooses 5 items to send you.

After receiving the box, you have three days to decide what you want to keep and what you want to send back. Want to send something back? No problem. Put it in the included (and pre-paid) return package and drop it in the mail. Easy. Want to keep something? Great! Each box costs a flat rate of $20 for the styling fee-- no questions asked. If you keep something, you can deduct that $20 from the total. If you keep all 5 things, you deduct the $20 styling fee AND get a 25% discount. Nice, right?

(Oh, and if you sign up, you'll get a referral code. If you share your referral code and someone uses it, you get a discount on your next box-- so share the love! If you click on the link above, you'll be using MY referral link!)

I originally discovered Stitch Fix when I was either getting ready to leave Honduras or in my first semester in Rio, I can't remember. Stitch Fix doesn't deliver internationally, I wouldn't be home long enough to receive a box/ I couldn't afford a box, I don't really remember why, but I couldn't schedule my first "fix" until now. So I created my style profile, linked it up with my Pinterest board, and waited. And waited. And waited.

And it's finally here! My first Fix!

For my first Fix, I told my stylist that I am looking for some fun, bold colors that I can wear for summer. Especially lightweight pieces as it can be quite warm here in Rio. I am really trying to add patterns to my wardrobe as right now, it is mostly solid colors. I've got A LOT of blue in my wardrobe, which I love, but I would like to branch out a little. I've seen these awesome Margaret M Emer Pants that I wouldn't mind owning a pair of. I'm also looking to avoid any tops that have elastic at the waist.

This is what I received!

Pixley Gonzalez Double Strap Tank ($44)
Verdict? Kept

Apparently I didn't take a picture of the front of this shirt? It buttons all the way up the front, which I thought I would hate (button ups always make me feel like a boy...), but actually really enjoyed. The color is awesome and the fabric is so soft. And really, it's just what I need for a casual day in Rio de Janeiro. So I kept it.

 Pixley Vyner Fringe Top ($64)
Verdict? Returned

I hated this from the moment that I pulled it out of the box. But then I tried it on and it slowly grew on me. The color would look awesome when I'm all tan and bronzed after a Brazilian summer. And the back was just so beautiful. There was just something about the front that I didn't love though. Maybe it was how the overlay and the solid shirt were connected? And the neckline laid funny. Regardless, it went back.

Fun2Fun Katniss Crochet Yoke Top ($38)
Verdict: Kept-- for the time being

I really like this in pictures, but love it less in person. It just seems really, really long on me. The pattern is beautiful and the fabric is incredibly soft. I was easily swayed by the opinions of others and decided to keep it. I'm having a little bit of buyer's remorse though and might be selling it on the Stitch Fix B/S/T group on Facebook. We'll see if I reach for it this summer.

Margaret M Emer Printer Straight Leg pant ($98)
Verdict: Kept

I may have squealed like a little girl when I pulled these out of the box. People have been singing the praises of Emers for so long and I just had to have a pair. Pull on pants that I can wear to work? What's not to love? And the floral print is everything I could have ever wanted. 

I received a Small and they were SO. LONG. So I emailed Stitch Fix and asked to exchange them for an XS. The XS still fit well, but are still really long. In retrospect, I should have kept the Smalls and just hemmed those, but I didn't know. They're still lovely though and I'm already planning all the times I can wear them.

Pixley Lilith Dress ($74)
Verdict? Returned

I felt like I was wearing a potato sack made of crepe paper. And a night gown. It lace design on the back was beautiful and the length was just a little bit above my knee. I just didn't feel comfortable in it at all. No amount of convincing could have made me keep this dress.

So, let's recap. 

I received five items and ended up keeping three (the Gonzalez top, the Katniss top, and the Emer pants). I asked for fun and bold colors (Gonzalez top), lightweight pieces (Gonzalez and Katniss), patterns (Katniss and Emers), and the Emer pants. In some way, all of the pieces that I kept fulfilled my wish list. Wow! I don't think I could have done this well had I gone to the store myself.

Ironically, I said that I already have a lot of solid colors and ended up sending back the two items that were solid colors. I didn't send them back because they were lacking in patterns because both of them had some beautiful, intricate detail. 

As soon as I received this fix, I scheduled my next fix. It's just SO FUN. 

I have also bought two other Stitch Fix pieces off of the Stitch Fix B/S/T page on Facebook that I am in love with.

41 Hawthorn Navy Blue Nautical Summer Sun Dress

Why are so many pieces from Stitch Fix so soft?! It's blue, which I don't really need more of, but I can teach in it. Throw on my pearl necklace and some white sandals and I'm all set for a day in 4th grade. I'm in love.

41Hawthorn Tammi Sailboat Print Fit and Flare Dress

Originally purchased this with the intention of wearing it on the 4th of July, but then ended up having to reschedule my flight. So I spent the 4th of July in Brazil while this dress spent it in the States. Sigh. There's an adjustable tie waist which is usually a death sentence for me, but actually works well on this dress. 

Oh Stitch Fix, you've been so good to me.

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