Sunday, December 27, 2015

Stitch Fix #4: The One That Arrived Just In Time for Christmas

If you haven't heard about Stitch Fix, then you're really missing out. In 100 words or less-- it's like a subscription box, but you can choose when to have it delivered. You fill out a style profile and your stylist sends you 5 items. You have five days to try on everything and you send back what you don't want. Easy, peasy. 

Stitch Fix's only downfall is that it doesn't ship internationally, so I can only schedule fixes when I am in the United States. As soon as my arrival date was available for scheduling fixes, I signed right up and counted down the days until I could receive my 4th fix. 

This time around I told my stylist, Tamara, to surprise me. I spend most of my year in Rio de Janeiro, so I'm always looking around for new summer clothes, but at the same time, I'm spending the next month in cooler temperatures, so I'm also on the hunt for some winter wear.

She seriously delivered-- Merry Christmas to me! 

Renee C Jordie Abstract Print Maxi Skirt ($58)
Verdict: Kept

Guys, it's HOT in Brazil. One of the days before I left, there was a heat index of 118°. Skirts and tank tops are not out of the question; they're actually a necessity. So this skirt is great. It was soft, soft, soft. It's actually navy, not blue, and I have a TON of blue shirts in my wardrobe already which means that I have plenty of shirts that will match, I do need to hem it a little bit, but that's not a deal breaker.

Kut from the Kloth Jonathon Skinny Corduroy ($48)
Verdict: Kept  
I received pants like these for Christmas when I was 13ish and distinctly remember my mother leaning over and saying "Just smile, say thank you, and we can return them later." 12 years later and I'm willing keeping these pants. They're a light pink corduroy and actually a little too long for me. But cuffing your pants is all the rage these days, so it works out for me. (But maybe I'm shorter than I think and really need to change my style profile?!)

Collette Baraboo Swing Knit Tank ($48)
Verdict: Kept

Was there any question that I was going to keep this shirt? As soon as I peeked, I knew that this would be hanging in my closet very shortly. I really enjoy the length, but it did seem a little bit wide. Like if I was to pull out the sides, it was a little cape-y. Not enough to make me send the shirt back, but I did make a note in my style profile that I would like to size down in shirts like this in the future.

Fate Windsor Lace Detail Blouse ($54)
Verdict: Kept

Isn't this color beautiful?! Wear it was jeans (and my amazing TOMS booties) or wear it with a pencil skirt for teaching. Boom. Done. Get in my closet.

Octavia Raymond Plaid & Polka Dot Scarf ($38)
Verdict: Kept

Winter wear. After 118° temperatures, even the 50's that we've been having in Ohio make me feel cold. So a nice soft, not itchy scarf is just what I need. It's also really colorful, so it'll match a lot of different outfits that I already have. I can't say that it'll be making the trek back to Rio with me, but it'll certainly get a ton of use while I am in the States. 

Okay, okay. So I kept it all. All five things are finding a new home with me. Part of is that I can't say no to things that I like. Part of it is that my stylist, Tamara, is awesome. I love that she writes in Portuguese. It always makes it feel really personalized. 

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