Friday, September 2, 2016

Stitch Fix #7: The One Where I Had to Address My Shopping Problem

I absolutely do not need anymore clothes. I always convince myself that I do, but when I returned to Rio de Janeiro at the end of August, I ran out of hangers and didn't have anymore room in my makeshift closet. I either need to start purging or stop buying and I can't see myself putting a halt to all the shopping any time soon. 

And just because my clothes buying addiction needed a little bit more help, I decided that I HAD to have one more Stitch Fix box before coming back. After being in control of a classroom for ten months, I didn't want to make any decisions during my vacation, so I just told my stylist to surprise me, but that I love prints and dresses. 

Collective Concepts Rema Maxi Dress ($88)
The Decision: Kept

IT'S JUST SO PRETTY! After buying this dress, I actually went out and bought a jean jacket just so that I can wear this dress to teach in. I mean it's a good investment because jean jackets are pretty versatile, but still, more clothes. I did end up hemming this dress a bit because it was just a tad bit long and I have a bad habit of getting my dresses caught in the wheels of my roll-y chair at school.

Liverpool Frankie Printed Cropped Jean ($78)
The Decision: Returned

I really wanted a new pair of light wash capris, so I really wanted to love this, but I just didn't. They felt a little too tight in the thighs, but I think that would have worked itself out throughout the day. I wasn't too wild about the print either.  It felt a little juvenile to me and I know that I'm way too anal to wear them with anything other than a solid colored shirt. And, frankly, that seems like a waste of a perfectly good pair of jeans. The part that I disliked the most, though, was the saggy crotch. You can't tell from the pictures, but the crotch was a good 1-2" inches too long. Ain't nobody got time for that.

RD Style Lirio Lace Up Top ($64)
The Decision: Returned

This is the perfect shirt for a 70's party or a country western shindig. Neither of which I have ever attended, nor do I see in my near future, so I sent it back. It is worth noting that my mother actually really liked this shirt, so I know that not everyone looks at it and hears a banjo twang in the background. But I did.

Seychelles Mind Metallic Strappy Wedge ($100)
The Decision: Returned

I adore wedges and want a thousand pairs. I am also horribly picky about my shoes. The front part of these shoes reminded me of those brown leather sandals that were all the rage in the 90's and are making a comeback now, but I didn't like then and don't really like now. Honestly, I could have gotten over that part, but the shoes were a pink/ blush color and I know that I would always pass them up for something else.

41 Hawthorn Tova Dress ($64)
The Decision: Kept

I think I loved this dress so much that I didn't bother taking a picture of myself wearing it because I was too excited to take it off and take the tags off. It's perfect for teaching without any alterations which is always a HUGE plus in my book. My stylist also referenced it in her note to me, saying that while it wasn't exactly what I had pinned on Pinterest, it did look similar to something on my board. Which it did. And I loved it just as much. So this beautiful baby became mine.

I had the same stylist for this fix as I did for my last one and, while I was originally bummed that my original stylist wasn't with Stitch Fix anymore, I actually really love this stylist, even after only two fixes. She's done a great job including something in each box that I know will be a keeper as soon as I see it, as well as some things that push me outside of my comfort zone a little bit. As much as it pains me to share, if there's anyone in the market for a new stylist, I would highly recommend Christine K.

Until December, Stitch Fix, you've been lovely.

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