Sunday, August 16, 2015

Stitch Fix #3: The One That I Had Mailed to Ohio and Brought to Vegas

Before we get started, if you don't know what Stitch Fix is, you're really missing out.

Stitch Fix is a monthly subscription box which sends hand-picked clothing right to your door. No awkward wandering around a store looking for someone to open the dressing room. No passing up items that you think you'll hate, but end up loving once you try it on. (You know it happens). The clothes come right to your door.

Intrigued? You should be. You go to the Stitch Fix website and create a profile. Answer some basic questions about what types of clothes you are looking for, what you feel most comfortable in, what you are trying to avoid, your price points, etc. Basically questions to get to know you and your style. Which is great, especially for someone like me, who has no sense of what their style is. I kind of like to rock the pencil skirt, but I'm BFFs with my yoga pants. Never fear. Based on your style profile, Stitch Fix assigns you a personal stylist who checks out your style and chooses 5 items to send you.

After receiving the box, you have three days to decide what you want to keep and what you want to send back. Want to send something back? No problem. Put it in the included (and pre-paid) return package and drop it in the mail. Easy. Want to keep something? Great! Each box costs a flat rate of $20 for the styling fee-- no questions asked. If you keep something, you can deduct that $20 from the total. If you keep all 5 things, you deduct the $20 styling fee AND get a 25% discount. Nice, right?

(Oh, and if you sign up, you'll get a referral code. If you share your referral code and someone uses it, you get a discount on your next box-- so share the love! If you click on the link above, you'll be using MY referral link!)

When I realized that I was flying to Vegas for my sister's wedding, I went ahead and scheduled my third fix to be mailed to my mom's house and then brought out to Vegas. I might actually have a problem. It's just so fun to receive a box full of clothes that was chosen for you, even if nothing ends up working out.

My note to my stylist, Tamara, was basically the same as it has been from the beginning-- I need summer clothes for hot days in Rio, prints, lightweight material, etc, etc.

I've been telling all my friends in Brazil about my "clothes from a box", so without further ado, my third installment of clothes in a box.

Market and Spruce Jai Dress ($64)
Verdict: Kept, but for the discount

I loved the color of this dress and that was about it. That's not true, it was lined, which is also nice. But my "likes" stop there. Cowl neck anything makes me feel uncomfortable and I'll never wear anything that makes me feel uncomfortable. There was also some rouching at the sides of the dress, right by my hips, which really drew attention to my butt. And no matter how much Kim Kardashian flashes her butt around, I try to keep mine as inconspicuous as possible. Anddd the lining that I actually did enjoy kept getting all wonky underneath the dress and you could see every line. It had to be laying perfectly for the dress to look nice-- ain't nobody got time for that.

Skies are Blue Blythe Tie Neck Knit Tank ($48)
Verdict: Kept

Lightweight. Brightly colored. Interesting detail on the front. Sounds like a recipe for a fun, yet casual shirt in Rio. Come to Mama. I don't know if I'm in love with the lace up front, I feel a bit like a cowgirl or a hooker, but we're going to give it a try.

Loveappella Amanda Twist Back Knit Top ($48) and Gilli Chandler Wide Leg Pant ($38)
Verdict: Kept both!

Sold. Done. No questions asked. Love them separately. Love them together.

The shirt is a basic black, knit shirt with a cute little back detail. I can throw a cardigan over top to make it school appropriate. And who doesn't need a rockin' plain black shirt? I see many fun nights in Rio in this shirt's future.

And the pants? Sigh. I need to get them hemmed a tiiiiiiiny bit so that I don't totally destroy the bottoms. Or trip over them. But they're awesome. Fit great around the waist and I feel great in them.

Le Lis Maude Floral Dress ($78)
Verdict: Kept

I'm obsessed with fit and flare dresses. Would live in them if I could. I almost do, as it is. This material isn't tooooo heavy, but still structured enough to look professional. It's black and white, but my stylist suggested pairing it with a bright colored statement necklace and some bright shoes. Done! And that print? Adore.

So if you've been keeping track-- I kept it all! I'll probably/ definitely sell the Jai dress because it just isn't working for me, but financially it makes more sense to keep it than to send it back. Tamara sent me some basics and some really funky pieces. I love how she incorporates patterns, like I asked, but still sends me somethings outside of my requests. I really didn't want pants, but they're one of my favorite things in this fix!

And speaking of Tamara, she's awesome. I want to be her real life friend. Isn't she precious writing in Portuguese? Seriously-- I'd keep doing Stitch Fix even if I didn't love everything solely because she's so great.

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