Tuesday, April 3, 2012

One Heartbeat.

I received a package from my mom yesterday. They always seem to arrive at the best times-- the day after the shooting and in the midst of my large bout of homesickness. In it was a Chardon shirt, some bubbles, and some Tagalongs. My mom, what a lady.

So much has happened at home since I have been here. Things have changed, people have changed. Things are different from when I left and at the same time, I am very different than the person who stepped onto the plane two short months ago.

Life is scary, things you've always known to be safe are suddenly cast in a new light. But from that comes hope. I suppose Chardon has always been good at having hope. We've always been good at coming together when it mattered most.

This video came out a couple of days ago and I sobbed when I watched it. Sobbed. Those are the halls that I walked down, that's the cafeteria where I ate, that's the gym where I watched countless pep rallies. That's my school, those are my teachers, that is my town.

Take ten minutes of your time and watch this: http://www.cbssports.com/video/player/play?channel=videos&pid=jp8OHBuYHE28feO7PG_o94vJUPa4XFA4.

It is so worth it. CBS Sports cast Chardon in the light that it should be-- safe, fun, a community, a home.

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