Tuesday, April 3, 2012

International Festival

There are many things that OLM is able to do that would flounder in many public and private schools in the States. The International Festival is one of those things. Many schools in the States, at least the ones that I have experienced, are not terribly diverse. There aren't many students from different countries and ethnicities. OLM has MANY students from many different cultural backgrounds. Hence the success of the International Festival. On Saturday, many students and their families came to OLM to celebrate various countries around the world and enjoy the company of their fellow Lancers.
Brittany, Amanda, Claire, and I at the booth for the States.
There were eleven different countries represented-- United States, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Uruguay, the Netherlands, Portugal, Brazil, Israel, and Ethiopia. Each country had a booth with pictures, artifacts, information, and food from their country. The States served hot dogs and brownies-- the real American meal. I had some authentic Mexican tacos, German strudel, Brazilian brigadeiro, Uruguayan desserts, and Israeli falefel. Plus more food that I cannot remember. But it was all delicious.

She tells me at least three times a week that she is from Uruguay.
OLM also had a table which was conventiently located right next to our table. They had a huge sundae bar. Three types of ice cream, what seemsed like hundreds of bowls of toppings, plus Coca Cola. Every American's dream, right?
Our table.

Besides having different countries represented, the After-School program also put on different presentations. We saw judo, dance, piano, and capoeira which is a native Brazilian slave fight and dance. A couple of my kids were participating and I was like a proud mama watching them. I can't believe that I only have 26 days left in Brazil and 15 days lefts in the classroom (we counted during homeroom this morning). My kids are energetic and exhausting, but they are also funny and smart and too darn precious for words. I am going to miss them like CRAZY when I leave.
A couple of my kids getting ready for their judo presentation.
As a side note, I've had a couple of requests for them to come with me or for me to stay here forever and be their teacher forever. Two of the girls said that they would squeeze into one of my suitcases together and all that I had to give them was air holes, cake, rice and beans, and a dog. Not a lot, really.

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