Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cross Continent Communication.

It started with Tracy. Then traveled to Karen and Kaelee. And finally hit my mom. The itch to Skype people from home and introduce them to my class. With educational undertones, of course.

Tracy Skyped my class the Wednesday before Easter vacation and read them The Pout-Pout Fish. My kids will NOT stop saying "Blub, Blubb, Bluuuuub" like the fish in the book did. Anytime I pull up a video on the screen, they start blub, blub, blubbing. Unfortunately, we didn't have the microphone plugged in, so Tracy couldn't hear my little rays of sunshine SHOUTING good-bye. Don't worry, the enthusiam was still there.

The following Friday, we Skyped Kaelee and Karen. In the afternoon. Did I mention it was on a Friday? The two of them took turns reading a book about a sea turtle to about two students who were paying attention. When it came time for questions, they were all ready to participate though. Funny how that works. Best question? "Why are you friends with Miss Casavecchia?" Thanks a lot, little kid, thanks a lot.
Karen and Kaelee.
Today we Skyped my mom's 7th grade class so that they could help us with our science unit. They acted out little scenarios and my students had to decide if it was healthy or unhealthy. I had taped this lesson as a part of the requirements for my lesson and so happy that I did. The students acted just like themselves, despite having an audience. I know that I will look back on this lesson and smile at how funny they are.

I am so thankful for the technology that exists these days and the access that I have to it. Thanks to Skype and fast internet, my friends and family in Ohio were able to see what I'm working with down here and my precious little kiddos were able to meet people who are very important to me.

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  1. That is so awesome! (And I got to see a picture of Karen in Brazil!!)