Monday, September 17, 2012

Día de Independencia

 Happy Independence Day, Honduras!

Honduras celebrated 191 years of independence sometime in September therefore we had lots of independence day festivities and celebrations. The biggest of which was the parades. Kindergarten marched on Thursday, elementary school marched on Friday, and high school marched on Saturday. We practiced a couple of days this week and I was so proud of the kids and how well they did!

My Grade Two girls were dressed up in their fancy dresses, had their hair all done, and were all wearing make-up. The boys were all wearing khakis and button downs with ties. They looked so stinkin’ cute! It was really sunny and we stood around a lot, but the kids had really good attitudes about it.

Saturday was the high school parade and we all went downtown for it. Any chance for us Americans to get out of the house and we all jump on it. It felt nice to see so many people that I know and are  familiar to me; I’m really starting to feel connected here and like a part of Siguatepeque.

 A lot of the schools had bands and were really groovin’. It was much more of a performance than the elementary school parades which made it really fascinating to watch.
It wasn't the 4th of July at an Indians game chowing down on some hot dogs, but it was pretty darn close.

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