Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lapa. Conquered.

We finally did it. We finally conquered Lapa.

Everyone has always suggested to us that we should go out in Lapa. I've never been a "going out" sort of person, I've always been more of a "staying in" sort of person. But this weekend we were going out sort of people and headed straight to Lapa.

Jordan, Lacy, and Ruth came over to Botafogo and then we all hopped on the 410 to Lapa. We were supposed to meet John and Vania at Rio Scenarium which was voted one of the Top Ten Bars In The World. We didn't see them, and we were a little earlier than we had expected, so we sat outside at the restaurant next door.

At the restaurant.
We spent the all of dinner just hanging out and finally being with other people who were our age and spoke English as their primary language. We introduced Jordan, Lacy, and Ruth to pastels-- which ended up being a raging success. Around 10:30pm we decided to head on into Rio Scenarium even though we hadn't seen John or Vania yet.

Our signature dance move.
Man alive, we tore up that dance floor. Elbows thrown, fish caught, might have even done the limbo. We made a TON of new friends, even if it was only for a night. I was shocked at how many people spoke English there.

Jordan, Lacy, and Ruth must've brought out the best in Claire and I because we did more in the last week than we had the entire trip. Thank goodness for getting on the wrong bus, that's all I have to say.

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