Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ihla de Paquetá

Marcia's aunt suggested that we go to the Ihla de Paquetá in the Guanabara Bay. So last Sunday we hopped on a couple buses and then the ferry which took us over to the island. Unfortunately, we only had about three hours to spend before we had to catch the ferry back. We were all starving so a large chunk of that time was devoted to eating lunch.

After our yummy lunch, we strolled around a little and came across swan boat rides. R$20 for 40 minutes? I think yes. Unfortunately that took us right up to the time that we had to get the ferry back, so we didn't get to explore much of the island. Luckily it isn't a far or expensive trip, so we can easily go back!

13 km to Niteroi

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