Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cristo Redentor.

We FINALLY went to the Christ Statue! Amanda, Claire, and I woke up around 6:30 this morning and left our apartment about an hour later to catch the 8:30 train up Corcovado. We happened to be in luck because there was an 8am train that we were able to take. No wait.

The ride up was maybe...fifteen mintues. It reminded me of the drive to Conversa in Costa Rica SO much. Straight through the forests, up to the top of a mountain. I was almost expecting to see Gata waiting for us and those fantastic hammocks blowing in the wind. Instead we saw clouds. Lots and lots of clouds. And no Christ Statue. Awesome.

We were legitimately in the middle of a cloud which really made it difficult to see the statue. We were all kind of milling around waiting for a break in the clouds so we could snap a good picture. Then we waited about five minutes for another break and took another picture. And so on.

Thankfully, we decided to stay and maybe wait out the clouds, which never fully lifted, but did lift enough for us to get some good pictures. We were able to see the statue quite well, but had no view of Rio de Janeiro. We were kind of disappointed, but very happy that we were able to get good statue pictures. We've kind of tossed around the idea of hiking up Corcovado sometime, so hopefully that would prove to be an awesome time to see the views of the city.

"One Heartbeat. <3 and prayers for Rio de Janeiro."
I had myself a little photo shoot up there on Corcovado Mountain. TOMS flag, Flat Stanley, my freshly made "One Heartbeat" sign. Thank goodness Claire is such a good sport and puts up with these shenanigans.

We wanted to get a picture of all three of us, so we asked these two random guys to take it for us. We don't know how to say "Will you please take our picture?" in Portuguese, but it's a fairly easy thing to communicate with hand motions. These men were NOT understanding what we were asking them. Luckily some lady next to us spoke English and understood, so she took it. And then the two guys hopped in to get a picture with us. Sure buddy, come on in.

We were kind of just hanging around looking at the view and these same guys came up AGAIN. Amanda was off taking pictures, so it was just the two of us. They asked where we were from and where we were staying in Rio. Then at the end of the conversation they go "Keees? Keees?" Claire and I had absolutely no idea what they were getting at. Keys? Quiche? Then we realized they meant kiss. Seriously, a language barrier can really impede conversation sometimes.

No pit stains for the big guy.

7th New Wonder of the World? Seen it.

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