Sunday, August 2, 2015

Caitlin's Quarter Quell

If you know anything about The Hunger Games (which you should), you know that every twenty five year, Panam participates in the Quarter Quell. Games which are more intense, and with more surprises, than the games of years past.

I recently celebrated my very own Quarter Quell (AKA, I turned 25 years old). And, in true Quarter Quell fashion, it was more intense than in years past. I mean, hello, I was in Rio de Janeiro, for crying out loud.

Not only was it celebrated in Rio de Janeiro (and effectively allowing me to say I have celebrated my birthday in North, Central, and South America), it was spent with this beauty.

One of my dearest and closest friends from high school. We've been friends for TEN YEARS now-- I had just finished my freshman year when we celebrated our first birthday together. Who would have guessed that 7th grade her and 9th grade me would both grow up to be teachers at bilingual schools and then celebrate our birthday in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil? Seriously. Life is crazy and awesome and I'm so blessed to have friends like her along for the ride.

My Quarter Quell was also celebrated with some of the very best people in Rio. When living far from family and friends, it's important to find people you can count on. If you ask me, I've found some of the best.

And in true cafe com leite (literally "coffee with milk", but code for "lame person") fashion, I was in bed by 9pm. 

Here's to another year. To the laughter and to the tears, to the days at the beach and the nights/ early evenings at the bars. Here's to all of the moments that make up a beautiful year, which in turn, make a beautiful life.

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