Saturday, April 6, 2013


Spring Break 2013-- another one for the books.

Sarah, Daniel, Cristian, Hector, and I planned for a week long vacation filled with surf, sand, and sun in the small-ish little Nicaraguan town of San Juan del Sur. SJDS is located right on the beach and is big on catering to the needs of North Americans. Almost EVERYONE spoke English. All the time. Kind of freaked me out a little bit.

The view of San Juan del Sur from the Christ Statue.
Our anticipated 8 hour journey (that began at 4:30am) actually took 18 hours. Needless to say we were all cranky and tired upon our 10:30pm arrival to our hotel. The drive was filled with lots of sleeping, lots of talking, lots of sweating, lots of searches by the cops, and lots of stops to give the over-heating radiator a break.

Most common sight on our trip.
The next three days were spent equally between the beach and the pool. We hung out in downtown San Juan del Sur (and walked the entire length of the beach twice), visited the Christ statue (Rio throwback, anyone?), spent a day at Playa Hermosa (for a less crowded beach experience), and ate more fried chicken/ ice cream than I ever thought possible (my two favorite foods). Cristian, Hector, and I cut our time short and came home on Wednesday on account of Mom and Joey arriving in Honduras on Friday.

We packed up the car, waved goodbye to the sleepy little beach town that darkened our skin while brightening our spirits, and set off on another 18 hour journey.

God bless zoom lenses.

The progression of the sunset.

Christ Statue.

One afternoon Cristian, Hector, and I decided to walk the entire length of the beach. Okay, no problem. We were climbing over some of the rocks when Hector slipped and fell. He cut his foot pretty badly, so we stopped at the firefighters for some medical assistance. There was a group of American nursing students there completing some of their practicum who were more than willing to assist. Apparently Hector's injury was the first injury they'd encountered while being in Nicaragua, so everyone wanted to participate. One person held his foot, another person poured water over the wound, another dried his foot, another ripped the gauze, another placed the gauze. I wish I was kidding, but I'm not. Cristian and I were killing ourselves laughing at the whole ordeal.

We also spent a lot of time quoting commercials from TLC. Including, but not limited to, "Oh my God! Whaaaaat?!" and "Idon'tbelieveinspendingmoneyonsomethingthatI'mjustgoingtothrowaway." One of us could be heard quoting said commercials at any given time. Regardless of the situation.

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