Saturday, April 27, 2013

What Could Be Better Than Bring Your Child To Work Day?

Bring Your Pet To School Day.

Mmhmm, yeah. As part of the Siguabucks store for Parcial 3, the students could buy passes to bring their pet to school for a day. That day was today. We had a nice little zoo going on-- an array of puppies, some birds, guinea pigs, hamsters and mice, and I think I saw a turtle.

Can we please recall all of the difficulties I have had with Grade One as far as behavior goes this year? Let's just add four puppies and see how that works out.

Surprisingly well, actually. The students had their clips moved immediately if they were out of their seat for any reason, at any time because it wasn't safe to be walking around with all of the puppies. And we couldn't talk too loudly because the puppies wouldn't like it. It's just too easy sometimes, really.

Highlights include:
- Miss Caitlin trying to get the entire class to settle down, be quiet, etc, etc and saying "I don't want to hear a sound come out of your mouth unless you are a dog."
- Various students telling Toby that Miss Caitlin would move his clip down if he didn't stop whining.
- A collective "Toby! SHHHH! BE QUIET!" from Grade One. Oh, the irony, right?

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