Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day .5

I can't call today the first day of school because I didn't actually do any teaching, but there were students here and I did have to wake up at an unnatural hour, therefore it was day 1/2. Monday will be the "real" first day.

Today was the inauguration of classes so we had some time in the classroom, an all school devotional, and then hours of game time. Or what seemed like it anyways. On one hand, it was great to get to know the students in such an informal way, but on the other hand, it was a kind of chaotic "first day".

I only spent time with my second graders today and let me tell you, they are an energetic little bunch. But they aren't short on hugs and giggles and all things that make little kids adorable. And they call me "Mees" which already ranks them higher in my book.

While today was a little wild and overwhelming, but it was so wonderful to get to know my students. Being with them today made me so excited to have a whole classroom full of them next week. I don't doubt that the year will be full of struggles, but I can already tell this it is going to be so full of laughter.

One of my girls ran into me at the grocery store and came up to give me a giant hug. This is after spending about three hours together. Yes, this is my life. And I'm quite okay with it.

Oh, and I started out the morning by flat ironing my shirt since we don't have an iron. Let's pull it together, Miss Casa.

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