Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Taking Over Taiwan: Modern Toilet

Not only does Taiwan love temples, gates, and Hello Kitty, but they also love themed restaurants. Well, Taipei does anyways. When creating my "Taiwan Must-Dos" list, I came across a variety of themed restaurants including airplane theme (resembling the cabin of an airplane), hospital theme, Hello Kitty theme, and toilet theme. They also have cat cafes, where you can drink coffee and hang out with kitties at the same time! Go ahead, Google it if you don't believe me. 

Despite my affinity for travel, the airplane restaurant didn't appeal to me at all. In retrospect, it was probably because I had just spent over 24 hours on a plane and had another 24 hours coming up in the not so distant future. 

Since Tracy and I are mature adults who never make inappropriate jokes or laugh at bathroom humor, we figured that eating at the  toilet themed restaurant, Modern Toilet, would be a real drag. (HA!) Because who wouldn't want to eat food out of a toilet bowl or a squatty potty while sitting on toilet seats and staring at piles of fake poop that are in sinks which make up your table? It didn't deter us, that's for sure.

Neither Tracy nor I have very high expectations when it comes to food and we've both eaten some questionable things (though she's more adventurous than I am), but we were both pretty surprised with the food at Modern Toilet. Sometimes it can be a little dodgy when going to theme restaurants because you end up paying for the experience as opposed to quality food. At Modern Toilet, we paid for the experience AND got really good food. I had chicken fettuccine alfredo and Tracy got something a little more Asian. Unfortunately, the pasta doesn't come in toilet bowls, which is something I wish I knew before ordering it. 

The price of the meal does come with a drink and a free ice cream, served in a squatty potty, of course. You could also pay extra to have your drink in a to go cup-- shaped like a urinal. 

^^ Our dining experience summed up in one short sentence.

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