Thursday, February 4, 2016

Asian Adventure: Taking Over Taiwan

"I'd learned so much by going to familiar places that I figured I'd learn twice as much by going to a place I knew nothing about."

There are some many perks to teaching at OLM. Including, but not limited to, an extended Christmas break each year. Our break starts around Christmas and goes until the beginning of February. And it's awesome. Especially because six weeks of vacation right smack dab in the middle of winter is the perfect time to travel around the world. Last year I spent almost four weeks in Honduras. This year I decided to shake things up a bit and headed halfway around the world-- to Taiwan.

Tracy and I studied the same major at Ashland together, were both in ADPi, lived on the same floor in the senior apartments, andddd took most (if not all) of our education classes together. She moved to Taiwan earlier this year to teach English and who I am to pass up free lodging in another country? I'll mooch when it comes to traveling, #noshame.

I don't know if I ever actually planned on going to Taiwan, I just kind of mentioned going to visit Tracy in the same way one would casually talk about winning the lottery. Like a "Oh, wouldn't that be nice?" and then we all move on. But then one day I randomly checked flights and tickets were cheap and the next thing I knew I was texting Tracy to tell her that I was coming to visit her in January. No one can ever say that I'm not impulsive.

January arrived and so did my trip to Taiwan. Along with some snow and crappy weather which ended up cancelling my flight out of Cleveland and pushing back my travel plans a whole day. Talk about a bummer. I finally did arrive though and after taking a luxury taxi to my hotel in Taipei and snuggling up in my king sized bed for a restful first nights sleep in Asia, I was able to spend the next five days trekking/ scootering all around Taiwan with Tracy. 

And thank goodness for GoPro cameras because I was able to get the whole thing on film. For your viewing pleasure, I give to you Taking Over Taiwan 2016.

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