Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

We made it to the 100th Day!

But really, the fact that we made it to the 100th Day of School is actually a miracle. We took our Spelling tests and then spent the rest of the time celebrating our 100 days together.

Grade Two and I only had one class together, so they completed a writing activity and then made 100th day of school crowns. In their writing activity, the kids had to draw themselves as the face on the $100 then write about what they would buy if they had $100 to spend on someone else. I made out like a bandit that day-- I think I received three cats and some baseball tickets.

Their crowns were super easy and cheap. Which are two of my favorite adjectives when it comes to teaching. I printed off a boy option and a girl option that the kids colored, then just stapled the crowns to a sentence strip that had been cut in half to make the headband part. Like I said, easy and cheap.

The kids were so stinkin' cute walking around in their crowns alllllllll day long. 

Grade One and I had more time together, so I set up five stations and gave the kids about seven minutes at each station. It worked out perfectly! I definitely couldn't have done these stations with Grade Two, so it's a nice change of pace to be able to break from routine with Grade One.

Station #1: 100th Day of School Glasses
I found these on Pinterest last year and the kids loved them! They also look adorably nerdy, so I love them as well. Color, cut, paste on the part that goes over your ear. Done. Next station. Except I have some very particular color-ers and some kind of helpless cutters, so these glasses caused a few meltdowns.

Station #2: Counting By 10's
I made a web-like thing with ten different spaces. The kids had to put ten dots of each color of paint in each space. Which, for the mathematically un-inclined, adds up to 100. I started out with them drawing ten little pictures in each box, but painting is just so much more fun.

Station #3: 100th Day of School Certificate
Again, Pinterest from the rescue. I found a certificate that said that so and so made it to their 100th day of school. 25 copies, write your name and the date, color away. Definitely the least intensive of the stations.

Station #4: 100 Creations
This station was a little too difficult for my kids to grasp, despite the fact that we talked about what they could do and I provided examples. Maybe next year when they are a little older? Anyways, they got the number 100 on a piece of paper and had to cut it out. Then they were supposed to use the numbers to make something. A car, a flower, a clown, anything. They were great at providing examples, not so great at their execution.

Station #5: Object Sorting
Another easy one. We have just finished up a Spelling unit on color words, so this was perfect. Color, count, add.

100 days. Wow. At times it's gone so slowly and other times I blink and it's Friday. My kids have taught me so much over the past 100 days-- how to love, how to stay calm, how to be a better teacher and a better person. I can only hope that I have taught them as much.

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