Saturday, November 19, 2016

Stitch Fix #8: The One Used To Heal This Cleveland Indians Fan's Heart

Despite the fact that I'm really trying to watch my spending in able to achieve my 30 by 30 goal, I couldn't help but schedule another Stitch Fix while I was home to see the Cleveland Indians play in the World Series. Their unfortunate loss in Game 7 is the only explanation for why I look like I've never seen a hairbrush in any of the following photos.

I don't really need any new clothes, rather I need to use the clothes I have more efficiently, so, in my past few fixes, I have just told my stylist to surprise me and included a couple of items that I would love to own, if she came across them. Unfortunately, since I don't order fixes that often, it's harder to develop a "relationship" with a stylist who gets my style. Which is a tricky job because most of the time, I don't even know what my own style is. As a side note, I did have two great stylists in the past, but they are no longer working with Stitch Fix and that kind of breaks my heart.

Market & Spruce Bettey Lace Sleeve Pullover ($64)
The Decision: Keep

This sweater ended up being the only thing from my fix that I kept, but it's okay because I actually really love it. I haven't had a chance to wear it yet, due to it being summer in Brazil, but I cannot wait for the chance to wear it this Christmas. It's beautiful, warm, and not even scratchy!

BC Footwear Glow Caged Wedge ($70)
The Decision: Return

I need to cut my loses and stop requesting shoes in my fixes. I just haven't found a pair that I love yet. These ones are an odd color (for a shoe) and were still too big for my big feet. They were comfortable though, which is a plus when looking at wedge shoes.

41 Hawthorn Jace Embroidered Lace Dress ($68)
The Decision: Return

On paper, this dress is everything I could ever want. Blue, which is my color of choice. Fit and flare, which is my style of choice. Sleeveless, which is my cut of choice. Unfortunately, it wasn't long enough to wear while teaching and I don't really have any occasion to wear a dress like this for anything other than teaching. It was with a very heavy heart that I decided to send this back.

Alice Blue Rangel Henley Blouse ($54)
The Decision: Return

You know the grimace face Emoji? That's the fact I made when I peeked and saw this shirt. And then I made it again when I pulled it out of the box. It was really, really square. Like it was made for a child and not an adult. I also couldn't get my head through the neck hole without un-doing the buttons, but I could hardly get the buttons undone. I had to have my mom helped me, and even she struggled. I also hated the pattern, which at this point, was pretty much a non-issue. Sending this back was a no-brainer.

Renee C Wynne Knit Maxi Dress ($78)
The Decision: Return

A blue dress that I could wear teaching? Why WOULDN'T I keep this dress? Well, it came down to two things. One-- I looked pregnant while wearing it, which isn't a look that anyone who isn't pregnant strives for. Two-- the neckline made me feel like I was breast feeding. This dress was lovely and soft and all things good in a dress, but it made me feel both pregnant and breast feeding which is something that I'm trying to avoid at this point in my life.

So it wasn't a 5/5 and I didn't have either of my favorite stylists, but I still walked away with a gorgeous holiday sweater, so can I really complain? And the reality is that the less I spend now, the most I have to spend on all of the travels that I need to do within the next few years.

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